Versailles is an absolute MUST-SEE

 I know, I know, this is a classic. Most tourists would make it to Versailles at some point while visiting Paris because… well, because that’s inevitable. It’s Versailles. If you didn’t plan to go, DO CHANGE THE PLAN. Versailles is worth it.

Since it’s one of my favourite places in the world, I guess I’m biased. But it’s really amazingly stunningly beautiful. Believe me.

I was there just a week ago with my little cousin. I didn’t visit the castle (no time, the +2h line was too much for me), but I went to the gardens. Honestly, even the gardens only are worth the visit. It’s usually free, but during the Musical Foutains Show (only during summer, and not everyday) you have to pay a small fee (adults: 8,5€, reduced (students, minors…): 6,5€). You MUST see the Musical Foutains Show at least once in your life. It’s incredible.

Versailles website

There are a few things that make me overly proud to be French, and Versailles is one of them. And you can go there from Paris taking RER C (Versailles Chateau Rive Gauche), it’s super easy, there is no way you will get lost, and it’s a pretty short ride.

If you aren’t convinced yet… here are a few pictures for you! Enjoy~

Versailles 1Versailles 2Versailles 3Versailles 5


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Sun? Sun? Where are you?

I feel sorry for all the tourists visiting Paris lately, as the weather is terrible. It’s May, but outisde it’s freezing, raining, and honestly far from agreeable… We even have hails sometimes!

It couldn’t be worse, and unfortunately no good news either… it seems like it will keep being like that until mid-June, at least.

So, if you’re planning to come to Paris, do wait a bit longer! It’s a beautiful city, but with a weather like that, you won’t see any of it… it’s a pity!

I’m afraid it is the same everywhere in France though… My neighbour visited her family in the South-West and it was awful! Not a good year for Spring, that is for sure.

I wonder where the Sun is… I mean, We had a few days of wonderful weather earlier this year, but like only a week or so, otherwise we only had rain, cold, snow, hail ever since the beginning of winter…

Anyway! I hope it gets better for this summer! Never forget to take some warm garment and a raincoat, France really is unpredictable after all.


DSCN3347Grey Paris…


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I think it is time for me… to tell you all what I will be doing this summer! I don’t know if I talked about it before… but I have two nationalities, the French one, and the Canadian one. Therefore, my family and I are very often going to Canada for summer, to visit my uncles and aunts.

This year is one of those years. I’ll be in North America from July the 17th to August the 22nd. It is quite a long trip, as you can see!

Of course, planning a trip like this one is a bit more complicated than staying within France. We have to book flights, find accomodations, and plan everything ahead if we don’t want to pay steep prices. As we are four, it is hard to say “we will just be going and see what we find to spend the night!”. It is way too risky and I definitely don’t want to sleep in the car. Very uncomfortable, believe me.

So, what is the plan?

First, we go to Montreal. My dad is there for six months, so he already has a sort of accomodation. It is small, and I am not sure we will be very cosy, but it will do for a few days. I am a very difficult sleeper. I cannot bear noise and it usually is a problem when we go on holidays. When I was younger we would always choose camping as our accomodation, but as I grew up, sleeping in a tent turned into a nightmare. It makes me crazy to hear everyone snoring (in my tent, but also in our neighbours tents!), but there is worse. The crickets. They make so much noise and never let go! I remember spending nights hoping for them to finally stop but they will never ever do so. Anyway, I’m getting off topic there, aren’t I?

So, Montreal first. To be honest, the beginning of our trip isn’t entirely planned. I know we are supposed to go to the Laurentians and to Ottawa at some point, but I don’t know exactly in which order and for how long. I guess we still have time to sort it out.

From August the 3rd to August the 10th… we are going… to the US!!! It will be my first time EVER crossing the border. Though I went to Canada many, many times, I never visited the US. Somehow, my parents and I are a bit worried. To be honest, we almost cancelled this trip, because we planned on going to Boston and… well, you all know what happened in Boston not so long ago. I was a bit like “what should we do? Is it safe to go to the US? Shouldn’t we just visit another Canadian region we never saw?”. But, we finally decided to follow the original plan. Well, not exactly. Finally, we won’t be staying in Boston, but in Newport. However, we still plan to visit Boston, and also Cape Cod. So many things we want to see!

After that, we will be making all the road back to Quebec. It has been a long time since I went to Quebec City and I really wanted to see it again, so we will be spending a week there. After that… well, it will almost be the end of our trip. We will probably stay either in Ottawa or Montreal.

And you, what are you doing this summer? Have you any trip planned? Let me know!

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Be Careful is a Must Know Rule

Paris has a very efficient public transport service. I don’t deny it. But I’ve been living in this city for a few years, and there are things I learnt that might be useful for you.

I was watching a documentary yesterday about the violence in Paris’ underground, and I was astonished by how common it is nowaday. I, myself, witnessed a few violent events like this, but thought it was rather rare. Well, it isn’t.

Here are some basic rules that can help you protect your stuffs:

-> Never keep cash in any accessible pocket. Nor wallet. Nor anything of value. Way too dangerous. The best way to carry cash or papers with you would be to put everything of value in an inside pocket (can I say it? Well, somewhere people can’t access without opening your coat.). I know cash belts exist as well, it can be very convenient.

-> Don’t use your phone. This is obvious but many of us tend to use our phones during travel and you should NOT do that. That’s how thieves choose their next victim. They spot the phone and then follow you discretly until there is an opportunity for them to steal it. Remember that they can be very violent. If you find yourself in a situation where you are trapped by a group of thieves, don’t resist, give them what they want and ask for help as soon as possible to an agent of the RATP.

-> If you use a backpack, hold it in front of you, not on your back.

-> If possible, don’t carry your camera around your neck. You had think it’s pretty safe because they can’t steal it easily, but as I said, they can be pretty violent and might not hesitate to hit you if they want it. And carrying your camera this way really identify you as a tourist, which makes you a potential target.

-> If you feel someone getting a little too close, be twice as careful. Move.

If you are Asian, it is even more important to be aware of all of this. It’s sad, but it is really really true that Asians are their favourite victims. Often, Asian tourists carry a lot of cash as well as high tech phones and camera, and don’t speak a word of French or English, so they usually won’t go to the police. My Korean friend (who does speak French AND English well) had her stuffs (phone, wallet…) stolen twice. You can NEVER be too careful.

Even doing all of this, there is still a risk that someone steals you something. If that’s the case, immediately go talk to an agent of the RATP. They will help you. They might not speak English, so here are some sentences you can use to explain your problem. They will understand what happened and provide the best help they can:

-> Someone stole my phone: On m’a volé mon téléphone (international phonetic alphabet: {ɔ̃ ma vɔle mɔ̃ telefɔn})

-> Someone stole my wallet: On m’a volé mon portefeuille (international phonetic alphabet: {ɔ̃ ma vɔle mɔ̃ pɔʀtəfœj})

-> I don’t speak French: Je ne parle pas français (international phonetic alphabet {ʒə nə paʀl pɑ fʀɑ̃sε})

If you think of any other sentence you might need, please ask!

I was going to go on with indecent behaviour some men have here, but it’s worth an article on its own, so that will wait a bit.

Avoid using your phone, do not tempt pickpocket and everything should be fine. If you are careful, you will be able to enjoy your trip a lot better!

005Arch of Triumph

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It’s a snow storm!

Since I woke up this morning, it has been snowing. It really is a snow storm, the flakes are huge and it hardly ever stopped since it started. Having so much snow is quite rare in Paris, so you can imagine just how much it disturbs our lives.

Photo du 12-03-13 à 15.15Sorry for the bad quality, this was taken with my webcam…

I watched the news this morning and it really affected the transports. I heard that most of the trains were either delayed or cancelled. As for the buses? Well, this morning NONE of them worked in my town. I don’t know exactly how it was in Paris, but I can tell you that: the traffic was awful.

Let’s face it, Paris under the snow is beautiful, romantic or anything you want but definitely not practical. Today was particularly intense though, it isn’t always that bad, but it’s better knowing what to expect if it ever happens when you are here.

First thing to know: check the RATP and SNCF websites for updates about the transport before going anywhere. If you don’t have a WIFI access, you can still ask the reception. Even if it works, it can be slow/crowded. Also, if the snow is really bad, TV and radio release information.

Second thing to know: pavements are slippery. Be careful!

Third thing to know: the Eiffel Tower (for obvious safety reasons), the Gardens (for less obvious safety reasons) and some other some famous attractions are closed when it snows. No matter how much.

Fourth thing to know: life itself is slow in case of snow, just because people can’t go to work. Paris is hard to reach if the RER doesn’t work, so there are plenty of things that don’t work perfectly or as smoothly as usual.

Fifth thing to know: DisneyLand Paris is beautiful under the snow, however, as stated in 1st and 4th, transports can be difficult. Reaching DisneyLand is probably hard, even with a car… and most of the attractions probably close if there is too much snow.

I surely forget many things, so stay tuned for another “Paris under the snow!” article in the future!


PS: Today is my Mother’s Birthday! I wrote an article about her on FancyLittleTalk :)

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LONDON – DAY 6 (last)

Good bye 21-beds dorm!

Sixth day… I cannot believe we only stayed for six days, it really felt like it was much longer! We did so many things that I felt like I was living several days in one. We were a bit sad to know we were going to leave so soon. When we woke up, we had already packed most of our stuffs and were almost ready.

On day 5, the electronic cards of our rooms had messed up and didn’t work anymore. Remember that my friend (who, by the way, shares the FancyLittleTalk blog with me!) and I went out quite late? We were really worried that it might not work when we came back. I don’t remember exactly how we entered the room though, but I think it wasn’t closed. Those electronic cards are great but, you know, it wouldn’t have happened with physical keys!

Anyway. We went to breakfast for the last time of the week. A bit nostalgic, isn’t it? We took various photos in the Hostel before leaving, saw a guy we had died to talk to for 6 days (but we never got the courage to do so, and ended up leaving without even knowing his name… what a shame!) and finally gave back our keys. It was probably around 10 in the morning and our train was at 5:30PM~, so we still had time to quickly visit some places we didn’t see before.

We were able to leave our luggage at the hostel in some locked storage so we could still walk around without worrying about our heavy suitcases.


Heading to Hamley’s

We crossed Piccadilly Circus, and seeing it on day light was rather different from the night-view we already had. Then we passed by China Town, which was an area we hadn’t seen before. It was nice and well decorated. Then, we headed to Hamley’s… you know, one of the biggest toy shops in the world?

It might seem childish, but Hamley’s was an amazing experience. Honestly, I really felt like a kid again! There were staff showing how to use the toys and children’s eyes were all bright and amazed.

And, and and… something so unexpected happened there… I was able to… take a picture with the Queen!!!! I swear!


Fine, Fine, this isn’t the real queen, but still, it counts, right? right? I was reaaaaally enjoying myself. Such a kid. I wanted to buy everything. In particular this queen-dressed teddy bear. So cute! Look at this crown! But hey, £35 (~53USD / ~40€) is too much for me. Even if I love teddy bears. And the queen.



Harrods is huge. I mean, really huge. I don’t know exactly how much though, because we didn’t have much time to spend there. We saw many, many beautiful jewels. It was almost a torture to be there. And plenty of foods. everything being so costy, and we being so poor, we bought nothing in there. But it was definitely worth a look.


Leaving London

We then bought a few post cards before heading back to our hostel (remember? we had left our luggage there). Since it was around 3PM, the staff was really busy welcoming the new travellers. It was a bit weird thinking that we were going to be back to France in only a few hours.

Because our luggage was so heavy, we weren’t too motivated to take the underground and decided for a bus instead. We were a bit on a rush because we were running late (based on our schedule, don’t worry, there were no risk for us to miss our train anyway, but we prefered being early and wait a bit rather than adding more stress).

At the station we brought our travelcards back and since the deposit was refundable each of us ended up with £5. We obviously didn’t need it anymore though. I came back with only £10. At the beginning of the week I had £125, which means that I only used £120 (I paid the accomodation and the travelcard with my credit card, so the deposit doesn’t count in the calculation). I think I was rather thrifty!

In the end, this trip cost me £70 (accomodation) + £73 (train) + £30 (travelcard) + £120 (food & other spendings) + £29 (Harry Potter studio tour ticket). So around £320 (+/- 370€ or 480USD). If we had booked our hostel earlier, we could have paid a bit less for it, though it wasn’t that expensive either. I don’t think I could have saved much more.

I really hope you enjoyed my posts about this trip to London! I sure enjoyed writing them :)

From now on, I’ll be posting once every two weeks or so. My second semester is already well started and I have to study a bit, plus there is this other blog going on. But don’t worry, I’m not forgetting this one! Since I’m only 20, I don’t have many travel experiences like this one, therefore my future posts will be more random, like about a place I went or something I liked. I won’t be writing this diary-style posts anymore, simply because I don’t have any other trip like this one that is recent enough for me to remember that well about it!

Thank you very much for reading,


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Hey everyone!

Just to tell you that my friend and I just started a blog here: Fancy Little Talk

Pay us a visit if you have time! We are new, so there aren’t many things just yet, but stay tuned and we will add new stuffs!

Don’t worry though, I’ll continue to blog here and give you exclusive details about my trips!

Thank you very much,



It’s me again! There is one thing I did not write about in my London – Day 4 post because it didn’t really fit there, but it is important to understand what will happen next. When we arrived at the hostel my friend and I, we only found a note of my two other friends saying they had gone looking for some famous people in the city. We were like, really? They really went after all? Well yeah, they did.

But the worst was that, when they came back, not only both of them were tired, but they were broke, too. They had spent all their money at Oxford street. Because of that, we were a bit limited in the activities we could do.

City of London

There was no way we could avoid going to the city, right? I mean, it’s emblematic. We learnt about it in class and all. So we went. The weather was not really agreeable that day, but it’s London after all. I noticed something interesting about The City… there are clocks EVERYWHERE! Seriously, I took pictures of them – not all of them though, because we could have lost too much time – and it was funny to see how many they were.


St Paul Cathedral

We didn’t visit it. Though we wish we could, it was so expensive! In France, we don’t pay to visit a church, so that’s always a bit surprising to have to give way £15+ (I don’t remember the exact price) for that. We just entered it but had to stay near the door. For what we saw, it is a beautiful Church. Photos are forbidden, of course.

After this, we were looking for a place to eat. It was super difficult to find one. The City is expensive, and we did not really want to take the Tube again. Finally, we found a “Eat” and, well, ate there. I recommend “Eat” a lot, because the food is good, cheap and healthier than Burger King’s or other usual Fast Food chain. Since two of my friends didn’t have money anymore, it was a good compromise.

Tower Bridge & the Thames

It’s a must-see in London, right? So we went. The four of us even took a picture in front of it (on of the rare 4-shots we got during those holidays. Asking someone to take a picture is always a bit like… “will they run away with my camera?”). Then we lost ourselves walking along the Thames. Like, really lost. We arrived in weird places and there was no metro, though there were signs announcing one. We passed by awkward people, and one of them was obviously drunk since he insulted us (mainly because two of my friends are asians), which surprised us a bit. Until that moment we had thought that Londoners were actually quite polite and respectful, but in the end, there are rude people everywhere, right?

Tower Bridge

Camden Town

Another shopping place. You want to buy cheap souvenirs? Go to Camden Town. There are plenty of veeeeery cheap ones. It was a funny experience. The buildings were all decorated and there were huge bronze horses in the middle of the shops. You can really find many stuffs not too expensive, however a lot of shops had the same products, which is a bit disappointing. And remember, we had no money, so no shopping, just looking!


Famous People Hunting

Then it started. The craziness of my friend has no limit. I don’t know how she did it, but she knew where to find the studio, so I went with her while the two other were tired and went back to the hostel. Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything interesting. It was a residencial area and people were looking at us as if we were out of place. Well, we were out of place! But even if it was a complete failure, I was happy we saw this area, it was beautiful.


We came back at the hostel around 7PM, with a crazier plan in mind – if that’s even possible. At 9PM, we left the hostel again, direction Mayfair. I dreamt to visit Mayfair, but it wasn’t part of the program so of course I was happy to go there, even that late. We were going to spy a club entrance to see one of my friend’s favorite star. Once again, it failed. But you want to know? The worst is that we stayed there from 9:30PM to 1AM! Yes. That long. In the night. The cold. Everything. It was quite interesting though.

Mayfair is AMAZING. Beautiful cars everywhere! I love cars. Really, I do. There were plenty of luxury stores too. Cartier, Dior…. and the people. Like. We were even ashamed of ourselves! Guys were all wearing suits, girls had beautiful fancy very short dresses and no tights. We were a lot more covered, to face the cold, you know. But seriously, those girls had to wait hours in the cold to enter in the club. And they were all saying “I’m gonna die!” or “It’s freezing!”. Well, OF COURSE it’s freezing! It’s 11PM, in February, in London! What did you expect?

But the funniest part… was around 11:30-midnight. Amazing. They were all drunk already. Not a bit drunk, but, reaaaaaaaally drunk. Laughable. Those girls who were looking so great a few hours earlier, it was a complete mess. One of them even fell on the ground, others were screaming, or staggering. One guy even regurgitated on the pavement. So not classy.

In the end, we failed. We didn’t see the guy we had come for, but we still saw another celebrity, so it was 50/50. We also had the opportunity to talk with a paparazzi guy (not exactly a paparazzi, in fact, it was more of an informer), who explained us his job and all. It was fun!


Getting back at 1AM

That. was. impossible! We were stupid though, we weren’t paying attention to the hour. In Paris, there are metros up to 2AM, so we were not used to the London system where the Tube stop at 0:30. Honestly, why so early?

We didn’t have money to take a cab, so we thought we had come back with the bus. What a mistake. We took no one, bus SIX buses to finally get back to the hostel. We ended up in weird places, at 2AM, it was really scary. Be careful with it. We should have asked someone for help, but we really thought we were going to find easily. Well, that made a good story to tell everyone when we came back!

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I am sorry it took me a little longer to write this one. But I have good excuses you know! I had so many, so many things to write, it was too much for only one post. So I thought about it over and over and finally decided that I had to make choices. Not everything had to be said. I could leave some of those details out, not because there aren’t interesting but because it’s too much. So, I hope you will enjoy reading that post!

Early start

Very early, to be honest. For me it was fine, because since the beginning of the trip I had found a rythm (8AM every morning), but for my friend who was coming with me it was a bit harder. Or so I thought. In fact, we were both too excited to sleep, and we were ready even earlier than expected. Yes, that much excited.

Finding our way

None of us wanted to take the Tube. It seemed like it would affect our mood, somehow. Like, you know, it’s dark, underground, a bit gloomy. So we took the bus. Going from Swiss Cottage to Euston was easy, and we were amazed to see so many people in suits! I know, I know, it’s normal. At 9, everyone is on their way to work.

We needed to buy a ticket for Watford Junction so we went to the machines. Bad move. We were completely lost! Like, prices ranged from 9,8£ to 210£ (yes! I swear!) and we did not understand AT ALL what we were supposed to buy, if it was a return ticket or not, etc. So we abandoned the idea. Way better talking to a real human being! Funny enough, the guy guessed right away where we wanted to go. My friend just had time to say “We want tickets for…” and he finished “Watford Junction?”. Was it written on our faces? I suppose it was, as we were all smily.

So, of course machines are practical, but if you are not too sure of what you want, definitely go ask someone. The guy was really nice to us, there was no line at all, and he even gave us tips on which train to take. The first one going to Watford was stopping by a lot of stations and we would have taken this one if he had not told us to take the next one (direct to Watford). The ride was really fast! Around 20 minutes I think.

Shuffle Bus

We did not know where to go to find it. There was no sign or anything so we were a bit lost. Two spanish guys asked us where to go, but of course we had no idea so the four of us went back to the station and we asked someone of the staff. After that, we only had to wait for the bus to come. And then, it started hail. Yes, to HAIL. Like, why? The weather was cold but, but, hailing? Seriously? And no bus! Just us waiting, with the two spanish guys and a group of german girls!

Finally, I saw it. The shuffle bus. Impossible to miss, yep! A huge “the making of HARRY POTTER” was written on it, it was… well, better post a picture, right? Honestly at this point we were so, so impatient!

ShufflebusHarry Potter Studio Tour Shuffle Bus


The Shuffle bus ride was around 15/20min. When we arrived, girls started to scream and to run around EVERYWHERE! We were calmer. I mean, we were excited indeed, but we did not run screaming. Not quite. I was impressed by our composure, honestly!

We still had to exchange our tickets (I was a bit disappointed because they only gave us a white paper… I wanted a true ticket! You know, with pictures… anyway.) so we lined up. It was fast, probably because it was a thursday morning (around 10h25~)

There were huge chess pieces outside so of course we took pictures with it (and that was only the beginning, I think I took around 600 photos on that day). Then we were supposed to wait our entrance time (at 11) but since there weren’t too many people, we entered earlier.

ChessQueen, Knight and Tower

Flying carMr. Weasley’s flying car and Tom Felton picture

CupboardHarry’s cupboard


Then we entered a room where a guide introduced us the tour and we watched a short movie about Harry Potter’s history. It was really interesting and quite moving too. As we entered there we truly realized that it had come to an end, you know? Like, we read the seven books. We watched the eight movies. And we were going to see where the magic had been created. It’s difficult to explain it.

After that we entered in a theater with a big white screen and watched a message from Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. If only they could have been there for real! No but, it was really well done.

I won’t reveal everything, but at the end of that message something happened and we were all surprised, in a good way! They really put plenty of efforts in this tour.

Discovering Magic

I started writing this part and it was so long and detailed I felt like it was too much. So, I re-wrote it and it is now a lot shorter, you will see!

We saw plenty of amazing things during this tour. I feel like if I tell you everything you are going to know too much and it will spoil the surprise when you get there.

We indeed visited the Great Hall. One of the best experience of my life, you bet. It was just as impressive as I expected it to be! I loved the tour. All the details everywhere, we really saw how much efforts, time and money they put in the creation of the movies. All those details we are not even aware of are there to make it all look real. They managed to create an entire world, it is a bit like Muggle Magic, right?

If you go there, definitely watch the little video about the portraits, it was very funny! There were screens everywhere with messages giving information about this or that, really entertaining and interesting. TAKE YOUR TIME! That’s the most important. Read everything. Watch everything. Take pictures. Don’t think you have to hurry up because the tour is supposed to last 2 hours. Me and my friend stayed there for FOUR hours straight. We did not want to leave anymore.

Gryffindor’s Common Room seemed so real! And Diagon Alley was amazing. There were tons of props and papers and costumes too.

My favorite part was the “Creature Department”. I loved seeing how they created all of those characters and weird creatures! Of course, I learnt things that I’d prefer to ignore (like, Hagrid is not always human, did you know? There is a mechanical head acting on its own!), but overall it was really instructive (and somewhat scary, too!).

The end of the tour comes with two surprises I enjoyed very much. So, to resume it all: If you liked Harry Potter, DEFINITELY GO VISIT THE STUDIOS! It is worth it. Really, really, really!

G.CommonRoomGryffindor’s Common Room

LettersVarious papers

CreaturesGiving birth to magical creatures

BooksFlourish & Blotts


Of course, at the end of the tour, we came to the shop. It was very, very, very expensive. Way too much for us. The smallest stuffs cost around 5-6£. Therefore, we could not buy as much as we wished to. It is very difficult to resist though! I had a 30£ budget, and didn’t surpass it, so I was quite happy with myself. I bought a book (yeah, I know, I love books too much) and a gift for my best friend. There were plenty of funny stuffs, like Bertie Bott’s beans (real ones, yep, with disgusting tastes, of course), wands or clothes…

Platform 9 3/4

We were in a “Harry Potter Mood”, so as soon as we went back to London, me and my friend ran to King’s Cross to take pictures on Platform 9 3/4. They created a fake one in the station (the real plateform 9 isn’t really the place where they filmed it anyway), and we were able to take pictures there, with scarfs (I chose the Ravenclaws’ one!). It was really fun~

Platform 9 34Going to Hogwarts!

What a dreamy day~ I felt like if I was 12 again!

Thank you for reading! I hope you’ll go there someday!

If you wish, ask me questions! I was rather general, but I can answer anything you want :)

As ever, pictures are mine :)


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Computers & University Mess

Yeah, we are in London, but we aren’t completely away from our students’ lives. So, we absolutely had to register for our second semester courses first thing in the morning. If we did not, we would risk to lose our places and that would be a total mess…. So, in our Hostel, there were computers in the lounge, so we went there at 9 in the morning (right after breakfast) and started the Internet registation. What a nightmare it was! Nothing was the fault of the connection, though, we believe that too many people tried to access the website at the same time and it was so slow! When we finally got to the page, our optional course was no-where to be found and we ended up registering for a random class. Well, it still took us almost an hour, and I imagine that everyone in the room was annoyed by how loud we were, complaining and trying to understand what we were supposed to do. I feel sorry for them, as we were really noisy so early in the morning…

Notting Hill & Portobello Road

You know, travelling as a group of girls truly is something. We are loud, we run away when we see squirrels, we take pictures of everything, everywhere, at anytime…

And we agree on the place we want to visit. For example, that must-see for any romantic-comedy lover in the world: Notting Hill. Who don’t like this movie, really? Spike is magical. And the story is cute. And the Bookshop is legend!

So, we went to Notting Hill. The neighbourhood is lovely, with many colourful houses. There are plenty of shops on Portobello road, for people who like shopping. I would encourage anyone to buy its postcards and other stuffs like that in Portobello, because it is way cheaper (around 20p for a postcard instead of 35-50p in other areas).


Notting Hill bookshop


So, why did we end up in Nando’s? One of my really, really, really wanted to eat there. Let say that the official reason is “Nando’s is famous in England, I need to eat there at least once!”, although we have reasons to believe that there was something else behind it. Nando’s is nice. It tastes good, staff is kind, and you can drink as many sodas as you want. However, I was still a bit hungry after my menu, which barely ever happens, so I wonder if a guy could eat enough with just a basic menu? Of course, you can order more, but with our menus around 6-8£, it will end up being too expensive.

For the little story (and because it will be of major importance in my later posts), one of my friends, who is a big fan of a particular group, was a bit upset to know that one of the members went to that very same Nando’s the day after. Aha, unlucky unlucky!



The Nando’s we went was at Westfield. For the who~~~le afternoon we were shopping there. It is the biggest shopping mall of Europe, isn’t it? Well, it is big. So, as I don’t like shopping that much, I was tired of it very soon. My favorite part was the bookshops! I was very happy to find a WHSmith because even if we have one in Paris the prices are cheaper in the UK.

I did not buy anything else but two books. We were so tired that we all sat down somewhere and would not move anymore!


Two of my friends went to a concert, so the other one and I came back alone to the Hostel.

Because we were tired of chips, we had bought food at M&S. The soups (very tasty by the way) were quite affordable (around 2£ each). However, if you buy a normal one-person dish it will be around 4-5£ and you can find cheaper stuffs at Eat, for example, that are really good too.

Then, we honestly went to bed quite early because, well, Day 4 was going to be so awesome, so amazingly unforgettable that I needed a full rest.

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