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LONDON – DAY 6 (last)

Good bye 21-beds dorm!

Sixth day… I cannot believe we only stayed for six days, it really felt like it was much longer! We did so many things that I felt like I was living several days in one. We were a bit sad to know we were going to leave so soon. When we woke up, we had already packed most of our stuffs and were almost ready.

On day 5, the electronic cards of our rooms had messed up and didn’t work anymore. Remember that my friend (who, by the way, shares the FancyLittleTalk blog with me!) and I went out quite late? We were really worried that it might not work when we came back. I don’t remember exactly how we entered the room though, but I think it wasn’t closed. Those electronic cards are great but, you know, it wouldn’t have happened with physical keys!

Anyway. We went to breakfast for the last time of the week. A bit nostalgic, isn’t it? We took various photos in the Hostel before leaving, saw a guy we had died to talk to for 6 days (but we never got the courage to do so, and ended up leaving without even knowing his name… what a shame!) and finally gave back our keys. It was probably around 10 in the morning and our train was at 5:30PM~, so we still had time to quickly visit some places we didn’t see before.

We were able to leave our luggage at the hostel in some locked storage so we could still walk around without worrying about our heavy suitcases.


Heading to Hamley’s

We crossed Piccadilly Circus, and seeing it on day light was rather different from the night-view we already had. Then we passed by China Town, which was an area we hadn’t seen before. It was nice and well decorated. Then, we headed to Hamley’s… you know, one of the biggest toy shops in the world?

It might seem childish, but Hamley’s was an amazing experience. Honestly, I really felt like a kid again! There were staff showing how to use the toys and children’s eyes were all bright and amazed.

And, and and… something so unexpected happened there… I was able to… take a picture with the Queen!!!! I swear!


Fine, Fine, this isn’t the real queen, but still, it counts, right? right? I was reaaaaally enjoying myself. Such a kid. I wanted to buy everything. In particular this queen-dressed teddy bear. So cute! Look at this crown! But hey, £35 (~53USD / ~40€) is too much for me. Even if I love teddy bears. And the queen.



Harrods is huge. I mean, really huge. I don’t know exactly how much though, because we didn’t have much time to spend there. We saw many, many beautiful jewels. It was almost a torture to be there. And plenty of foods. everything being so costy, and we being so poor, we bought nothing in there. But it was definitely worth a look.


Leaving London

We then bought a few post cards before heading back to our hostel (remember? we had left our luggage there). Since it was around 3PM, the staff was really busy welcoming the new travellers. It was a bit weird thinking that we were going to be back to France in only a few hours.

Because our luggage was so heavy, we weren’t too motivated to take the underground and decided for a bus instead. We were a bit on a rush because we were running late (based on our schedule, don’t worry, there were no risk for us to miss our train anyway, but we prefered being early and wait a bit rather than adding more stress).

At the station we brought our travelcards back and since the deposit was refundable each of us ended up with £5. We obviously didn’t need it anymore though. I came back with only £10. At the beginning of the week I had £125, which means that I only used £120 (I paid the accomodation and the travelcard with my credit card, so the deposit doesn’t count in the calculation). I think I was rather thrifty!

In the end, this trip cost me £70 (accomodation) + £73 (train) + £30 (travelcard) + £120 (food & other spendings) + £29 (Harry Potter studio tour ticket). So around £320 (+/- 370€ or 480USD). If we had booked our hostel earlier, we could have paid a bit less for it, though it wasn’t that expensive either. I don’t think I could have saved much more.

I really hope you enjoyed my posts about this trip to London! I sure enjoyed writing them :)

From now on, I’ll be posting once every two weeks or so. My second semester is already well started and I have to study a bit, plus there is this other blog going on. But don’t worry, I’m not forgetting this one! Since I’m only 20, I don’t have many travel experiences like this one, therefore my future posts will be more random, like about a place I went or something I liked. I won’t be writing this diary-style posts anymore, simply because I don’t have any other trip like this one that is recent enough for me to remember that well about it!

Thank you very much for reading,


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