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Sun? Sun? Where are you?

I feel sorry for all the tourists visiting Paris lately, as the weather is terrible. It’s May, but outisde it’s freezing, raining, and honestly far from agreeable… We even have hails sometimes!

It couldn’t be worse, and unfortunately no good news either… it seems like it will keep being like that until mid-June, at least.

So, if you’re planning to come to Paris, do wait a bit longer! It’s a beautiful city, but with a weather like that, you won’t see any of it… it’s a pity!

I’m afraid it is the same everywhere in France though… My neighbour visited her family in the South-West and it was awful! Not a good year for Spring, that is for sure.

I wonder where the Sun is… I mean, We had a few days of wonderful weather earlier this year, but like only a week or so, otherwise we only had rain, cold, snow, hail ever since the beginning of winter…

Anyway! I hope it gets better for this summer! Never forget to take some warm garment and a raincoat, France really is unpredictable after all.


DSCN3347Grey Paris…


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It’s a snow storm!

Since I woke up this morning, it has been snowing. It really is a snow storm, the flakes are huge and it hardly ever stopped since it started. Having so much snow is quite rare in Paris, so you can imagine just how much it disturbs our lives.

Photo du 12-03-13 à 15.15Sorry for the bad quality, this was taken with my webcam…

I watched the news this morning and it really affected the transports. I heard that most of the trains were either delayed or cancelled. As for the buses? Well, this morning NONE of them worked in my town. I don’t know exactly how it was in Paris, but I can tell you that: the traffic was awful.

Let’s face it, Paris under the snow is beautiful, romantic or anything you want but definitely not practical. Today was particularly intense though, it isn’t always that bad, but it’s better knowing what to expect if it ever happens when you are here.

First thing to know: check the RATP and SNCF websites for updates about the transport before going anywhere. If you don’t have a WIFI access, you can still ask the reception. Even if it works, it can be slow/crowded. Also, if the snow is really bad, TV and radio release information.

Second thing to know: pavements are slippery. Be careful!

Third thing to know: the Eiffel Tower (for obvious safety reasons), the Gardens (for less obvious safety reasons) and some other some famous attractions are closed when it snows. No matter how much.

Fourth thing to know: life itself is slow in case of snow, just because people can’t go to work. Paris is hard to reach if the RER doesn’t work, so there are plenty of things that don’t work perfectly or as smoothly as usual.

Fifth thing to know: DisneyLand Paris is beautiful under the snow, however, as stated in 1st and 4th, transports can be difficult. Reaching DisneyLand is probably hard, even with a car… and most of the attractions probably close if there is too much snow.

I surely forget many things, so stay tuned for another “Paris under the snow!” article in the future!


PS: Today is my Mother’s Birthday! I wrote an article about her on FancyLittleTalk :)

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